Big M Edge Fuel For Blokes

National Foods is promoting the Big M Edge, a new liquid snack product aimed at men, in a humorous television commercial in Australia. Physically and emotionally exhausted men, a young builder, a middle-aged office worker, a young student, each discover the benefits of Big M Edge’s extra vitamins, minerals and protein, available in iced coffee, banana malt and chocolate flavours.

Big M shared by workers

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The Big M Edge ad was developed at AJF Partnership, Melbourne.

Filming was directed by Mark Molloy via Exit Films.

Editor was Jack Hutchings, The Butchery. Music was arranged via Level Two Music, Melbourne. Sound was designed at Final Sound.

Music is Every Man Must Have A Dream
sung by Liverpool Express. Download Liverpool Express track, Every Man Must Have a Dream, online at iTunes.”

Lyrics for Every Man Must Have a Dream

Every man must have a dream
Every play must have a scene
Every heartbreak has a heart
Every child must have a start
Every lover has a love
Every faith has God above
Oh yeah
But all these things that you’re doin’
Leave me in a ruin in the same old way

Every morning has its day
Every woman has her way
Every road must have an end
Great pretenders must pretend
Every thing you need is free
When the one you need is me
Oh yeah
But all these things that you’re doin’
Leave me in a ruin in the same old way

I used to be a dreamer
But now I’m just a man
I used to be alone
But I know you’d never understand

  • Danni

    Because women never do work that’s physically exhausting. This commercial reeks of sexism. Then again, most commercials do.

  • stephen

    the product it aimed at men! nothing sexist about that… you’re not going to put men in an advert advertising womens products are you.