Big Babol Bubbles are Bigger

Big Babol, the bubble gum produced by Perfetti Van Melle in Italy, was promoted in this Indonesian print advertising campaign as the Big Bubble. Big Babol is the leading gum in Indonesia and is known among children for its elasticity. And so we have children blowing bubbles that overwhelm a toy car, a playground, an odong, and a swing, hiding the children themselves from view.

Big Babol Bubble in Car

Big Babol Bubble in Playground

Big Babol Bubble in Odong

Big Babol Bubble in Swing


The Big Babol campaign was developed at DraftFCB Jakarta, Indonesia, by creative director Dicky Erlangga, agency producer Urmawel, photographer/art director Cahyo Baskoro, and photographer Willy Koesnaedi. Digital imaging was done by Steven Sahardjo, Marseno and Yudi T.

via IklanIndonesia

  • Hanne Kristin Ragnhildstveit


    I am a student and writing my bachelor paper, so I was just wondering if you could help me.
    I am going to write a case study about this campaign and need as much information as possible.
    Was the campaign succesful?
    What worked and what did not?
    What is the theme about the campaign? humoristic, clean, colourful..etc?
    Which target audience is it aiming for?
    Did you use any special semiotics or signs to affect the target audience in a way?
    Or any other information would help me a lot!
    Hope to hear from you.