Best Video Podcasts on Advertising

Best Ads on TV has just launched an iTunes podcast channel, providing the best 6 TV spots in the world free to view on iPhones, iPods or computers, not to mention PC equivalents running iTunes or alternative software… The Best Ads channel has shot up to Number 1 in Australia, #2 in New Zealand, #15 in the UK, and #90 in the US. iTunes measures the charts by the number of people subscribing in the last week, which gives priority to newly launched podcast channels. So far there are two 30 minute podcast episodes, worth checking out.

Video Podcasts on Advertising

A video podcast is a great way of getting material on to the growing number of video-capable mobile phones and mp3 players, in both Apple and PC environments. Once people have signed up, with iTunes or another reader, they’re likely to be automatically downloading material to be played wherever they are.

So what makes an effective video podcast? It depends on what you’re trying do. If you want another way of presenting a show reel, a simple collation of videos is an easy way of getting your message out there. But podcasting is a bit like written material on the internet. You can feature content, or you can enhance that content with information, opinion, and personal insights from the people behind the scenes.

Here’s a list of other video podcasts (vodcasts) that have been launched over the last year.

  1. Ad Age’s Creativity’s Top 5 set out to count down the best of commercial culture posted over each week, though it hasn’t been updated since April. However the videos are top notch in content, information and production quality.
  2. 3 Minute Ad Age, produced by Hoag Levins, provides an ongoing look at news events, issues, personalities and trends in the rapidly changing national and international advertising, marketing and media industries.
  3. The Advertising Show is a weekly radio program, co-hosted by Ray Schilens and Brad Forsythe, discussing advertising issues, marketing trends and strategies, interviewing experts from the industry.
  4. Joey Tomatoes has three podcasts: Tomato Team, Automobile Commercials,and Food & Beverage Commercials podcasts.
  5. Make The Logo Bigger is the podcast of the Advertising Club of Metropolitan Washington (DC Ad Club, ) feature Club news, advertising-related banter, and insightful interviews.
  6. The Mill Podcast provides a regular documentary exploring the post production and visual effects that happen behind the scenes of film, television and advertising.
  7. Spotlab is the podcast version of reality television. 15 prospective film makers must make a spec commercial and get it accepted.

If you know of other video podcasts relating to the advertising and film production industries leave a comment and I’ll update the post.