Ben & Jerry’s Christmas Single

Ben & Jerry’s in the UK has released a Christmas single, taking on the competition in the UK obsession with the number one Christmas seasons hit. The animated video shows the Ice Cream cows taking on the duties of the reindeer to help Santa deliver Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Ben & Jerry's Christmas single

“The bovine beauties will spread seasonal goodwill and cow cheer, as Ben & Jerry’s believes in milking happy cows, not the planet. Help put Simon Cow-ell’s plans for an X-Factor number one on ice and download the tune from here for just 50p (40p from the sale of each single will go to the RSPCA*). You can download the single at with 40p from each download going to the RSPCA!”

Ben & Jerry’s is giving away vouchers for twenty tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in association with the Christmas Single. All you need to do is post a comment on the latest YouTube video with a message of seasonal goodwill and a reason why you think you’d love a tub! The Ben & Jerry’s team will pick the best twenty and get the voucher in the post to the successful writers. The vouchers are only valid for use in the UK.

Lyrics for Ben & Jerry’s Christmas Cow-all

It’s Christmas Eve and Beneath the Stars
The herds all gather from afar
To wonder what the night will bring
When the Caring Dairy sleighbells ring
Rudulph with your nose so bright
Why don’t you have a rest tonight
And have a Chunky mMonkey Dream
While we deliver our ice cream

There’s nothing scary at the Caring Dairy
Just a Christmas gift from Ben & Jerry
Santa’s coming ho ho ho
Get out your Christmas banjo

It’s Christmas time so here we go
Beware the cow pats in the snow
I know it looks like cookie dough
We make both things so we should know

There’s nothing at teh Caring Dairy
Just a Christmas gift from Ben & Jerry
Santa’s coming Ho Ho Ho
Get out your Christmas banjo

Caring Dairy cows are here
Delivering tubfulls of good cheer
Squeezing down tight chimmey stacks
and scoffing Santa’s Christmas snacks.

With gifts delivered the sleigh ride ends
It’s time for all our farmyard friends
To join us round our Christmas tree
For presents from the Caring Dairy.

Merry Christmas from the Farm!

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