Be the Change in Year of Creativity

ADM Com, an advertising agency in Bologna, Italy, graphic designer Manuel Dall’Olio, and web designer Gecod, have put together “Year of Creativity“, a site centred on the phrase, “Be the Change you want to see in the world”.

Be The Change Site

Visit today’s site of the day and you’ll be given a chance to reinvent yourself with a new business card. 366 cards, one for each day of the year, are presented in alphabetical order for scrolling, from 100% Compulsive Con Man to Zebra Illustrator. You can write in your own name and contact details and download a pdf template for printing. Nice.

There’s an extra layer of creativity provided by the Chain Change blog, and the Year of Creativity Contest Flickr site where graphic designers can submit their own creative business cards.

Year of Creativity – YOC – is designed to stimulate something we all have in common: creativity. It is a starting point from which to explore the amazing potential of small changes and the infinite opportunities they offer. YOC is an invitation to be more curious and more imaginative. It is a catalyst that promotes real and virtual opportunities for us all to discuss and compare our own creativity. It is a space in which the endless personalities inside us can express themselves, as only those who are inwardly creative can also be creative with the world at large.

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