BBC World Channel Billboards

BBC World Channel set up a range of interactive billboards outlining different perspectives on world issues, promoting the channel’s launch in the United States. The billboards, erected in June 2006, invited New York pedestrians to vote on a range of world issues by texting 01 or 02. Bird Flu. Imminent or Preventable? Illegal Immigrants. Citizens or Criminals? US soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan? Occupiers or Liberators? China. Befriend or Beware?

Imminent or Preventable?

Citizens or Criminals?

Occupier or Liberator?

Befriend or Beware?


The BBC World Channel campaign was developed at BBDO, New York, by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Eric Silver, creative director/art director Jerome Marucci, creative director/copywriter Ari Weiss, copywriter Adam Kanzer, and art director Jamie Overkamp.

Seema Kotecha, Head of Marketing at BBC World, said: “BBC World has decided to develop an unprecedented, bold and interactive campaign to generate buzz around New York and spark debate around some of the key global news issues that affect all of us. These powerful images highlight the global perspective and the impartiality of coverage, for which BBC World is known around the world.”

“Research shows us that American viewers are increasingly interested in international news, yet most U.S. news networks are spending less airtime on international news stories. We hope to fill this gap in the market and are delighted to have the opportunity to bring our 24-hour global coverage and analysis to North American shores for the first time.”

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