BBC World Cables

BBDO New York won two Grand Prizes at the London International Awards this week for an out of home campaign promoting BBC World in the United States. A series of 2D wire sculptures was designed to depict compelling scenes from current world news stories, connected to apartments with coaxial cable. The aim of the campaign was to encourage viewers to ask their cable television companies to include BBC World on their programming.

BBC World Cables Guns

BBC World Cables Protest

BBC World Cables Food Drop


BBDO New York by chief creative officers David Lubars and Bill Bruce, executive creative director Eric Silver, creative directors Jerome Marucci and Steve McElligott, art director Chuck Tso, copywriter Scott Kaplan, agency producers Jd Michaels and Betsy Jablow, and illustrator Elizabeth Berrien (Wire Lady).

Berrien treated her human subject with the same intense attention to detail and energy that she applies to her wildlife forms. “I placed myself in the shoes of each and every person… the child soldier, and the adult soldier who exploits him; the downed and fleeing protestors, and the riot cops causing them harm… the airplane dropping food, and the refugees awaiting aid… giving empathy to each of them was a very intense experience.”

The BBC World Cables campaign won LIA Grand Prizes for Non Traditional Media and Design.

  • Very very good!!!
    This is a real type of how make creativity!!!
    Compliments to WIRE LADY!!!
    I can’t believe!!! Communicate with wires!!!
    It’s difficult but not impossible!!!

  • Elizabeth Berrien

    Thank you all for the kind words! Creating the “Cables” images in wire was an intensely delightful experience – especially brainstorming with Chuck Tso.

    I’ve honestly lost track of all the awards… The Big Won rated the BBC Cables campaign #10 of Top 20 Campaigns – All Media,” #3 of “Top Ten Poster Campaigns, and #1 of Top Ten Alternative and Innovative Media Campaigns.

    My 3D wireworks are pretty amazing, too – a very spacey, holographic effect. If the 2D’s did this well with a billboard campaign… can’t wait to see how far 3D takes it!