Barclaycard Water Slide

Barclay’s is promoting the Barclaycard in the UK with Waterslide, a 90 and 60 second TV advert bridging the gap between the office and the home. A bespectacled office worker, played by British actor Robert Wilfort, clocks out at work and strips down to his underwear. He makes his way into the world of the water slide, gliding through financial transactions at a subway, library and supermarket before getting home.

Robert Wilfort in Barclaycard Water Slide TV Advert

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Water Slide ad was developed at BBH London by creative director Pete Bradly and creatives Gary McCreadie and Wesley Hawes, agency producer Nerine Soper.

Filming was shot in Rio de Janeiro by director Peter Thwaites via Gorgeous with director of photography Marcelo Durst and producer Anna Hashmi, production designer Tule Peak.

The ad features the 1976 single ‘Let Your Love Flow’ by the Bellamy Brothers.

See the making of the ad. Click on the image below to play the video.