Barack Obama at Traffic Lights

Traffic lights and street signs in North Carolina are being turned into political signs in a campaign developed by Boone, Oakley. Cutout Obama logo decals are being distributed for brave Obama supporters to use on Government property. The agency is distributing the decals for free on

GoBama Traffic Lights decal in Charlotte

The blurb from the GoBamaNC site reads: “Obama supporters throughout the battleground state of North Carolina are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure the election of their candidate to the office of President of the United States. Even if it means turning Government property into bright, shimmering signs of hope and change.”

Credits and Disclaimers

The GoBama decals were developed at Boone, Oakley, by art director Matt Klug and copywriter Keith Greenstein. The creators of the GoBama decals and website take no responsibility for any fines and/or penalties that may result in altering government-owned signage, unless of course they’re themselves caught putting them up.

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