Banana Blue Midnight Snack

Banana Blue, Adelaide’s online supermarket, can be accessed by consumers in the comfort of their own homes, in their own choice of clothes, or no clothes.

Banana Blue nude shopper

A young man wanders around a supermarket without clothes, relaxed enough to help himself to a drink of milk off the shelf.

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The Banana Blue Midnight Snack ad was developed at WDM Advertising, Adelaide, by creative director Peter Syndicas and agency producer Darren Holyoak.

Filming was shot by Chris Houghton via Kojo, with producer Annalise Menzel.

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  1. Darryn Loveridge says:

    This ad is just great. It has not used a gym buffed body but an average healthy male body doing a very everyday thing such as having a snack, but nude. It is refreshing to see non-sexual nudity used in such a positive way in television advertising. Well done team!

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