Baileys Lips Campaign Close

Baileys Irish Cream is being promoted in a new global advertising campaign launching on October 2. The campaign, featuring work from British beauty and fashion photographer Rankin, works with the concept of Baileys being a drink for different occasions at different times of the day and in many places – and so many many pairs of lips.

Baileys Lips

There are 24 different ad executions in the campaign, amplifying the depth of engagement for consumers. Over 100 models from different cultural backgrounds were cast for the print advertising campaign, each chosen for their luscious and expressive lips. This image was taken during the Rankin shoot. All of the images taken during the day were hung up on this wall. Hundreds of lip shots were taken, but only 24 made the final campaign.

Baileys Lips

One of the behind-the-scenes image from the digital print shoot. The model was required to create different lip movement with ice.

Baileys Lips shoot

Behind-the-scenes from the Rankin print shoot.

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