Aware Helpline for Verbal Abuse

The Aware Helpline in Singapore commissioned a set of print advertisements reminding women that domestic violence includes verbal abuse. Three men yell at women, with their hands thrusting forward from their mouths. “Verbal abuse can be just as horrific. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. Call the Aware Helpline for advice and support, Monday to Friday, from 3 pm to 9.30 pm, 1800 774 5935.”

Verbal Abuser pulls hair

Verbal Abuser grabs chin

Verbal Abuser hits with fist


The Verbal Abuse campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore by executive creative director Andy Greenaway, creative director Richard Copping, art directors Ronojoy Ghosh and Ng Pei Pei, copywriters Simon Jenkins and Andrew Petch, and art buyer Adrel Law. Photography was provided by Teo Studio, retouched by Kendrick Wong.

  • alexdukal

    Well, someone could say “the same concept”, I say “… exactly like my illustration, with a difference of ten years!”

  • spwif

    I am quite sure my husband is suffering from asperger sydrome. He refuse to get any disgnose. Sometime he abuse me verbally without knowing and understanding how painful it is. We have stop communicating and he is planning to move out. Where can I get help, or how can I get help.

  • Matahari

    My husband makes me feel bad all the time if I don’t give in to him, physically . Or if I don’t obey him in certain ways..he uses the reasons ” You know that it’s a sin if you don’t obey your husband’s commands..?”

    This is just a jist of what he does to make me feel bad. He hardly compliments me on anything I do or my accomplishments in Art as he’s not into it and he buys little gifts or post sweet comments on my Facebook to make up for his words and show everyone that he’s a good and loving husband…. I don’t want people to think bad of him but I don’t want people to think that he’s a good guy either because I know what kind of man he is…

    I don’t know what to do.

    • mary

      you hould beat him up, that would tach him a lesson!
      hahaha! lolz!

      • Damien

        Mary do you feel no shame? Your response to her problem is to tell her to be violent? Propergating abuse is inherantly wrong. You should not be abusive to someone nor should you seek to hurt them. She should seek help. She needs support I agree but your spite and arrogance are disgusting.

        Violence in all forms is to be avoided. It harks back to our primative and insatiable destructive drives.

        As for what to do, my advice is to seek help. If he will not listen to reason and help himself you must not feel tied to him. At the start of your relationship you did not agree to be victimised by him. If he had a temper tell him to seek counciling. If he refuses he is probably not the guy for you.

  • Rob Grant

    I like the concept and would like to use the pictures, unfortunately since all of the antagonist appear to be white males, this is not something that would be comfortable sharing with my peers.

    I will think about using the concept to create a race neutral image. Thanks!

  • Joshua

    I think it is ridicoulus that they are all men and white….. Females can dish out verbal abuse just as much as men can. Not to mention other races too.

  • michelle

    I’m being verbal abruse and I feel like I’m already dead I’m tired of going thru this I’m tired of my kids not being happy I just wanna get away

    • Damien

      Then seek help, You have done nothing wrong so do not feel guilt or responcibility. At the end of the day your obligation is to yourself and your children. do not tollerate abuse. There is no need.

      As for accomodation. there are always charities that are willing to help you. I do not know where you are from so i cannot be helpful in that regard. but remember that you are not to blame. You do not need to tollerate the abuse. You are a human being and deserve to be treated with dignety.

  • Lim

    I don’t know if I hv an abusive husband. He yelled at the smallest issue at home. He would says things like “dont force me to do something u will regret.” Although I am already 42 yo, I can’t understand why I still cry in the night and don’t kn how to manage emotionally.

    I live in fear of making him angry. There is no one i can share my feelings with. Not my mum or sis as they will be very worried about me. Oh btw, he has shouted at my mum before too.

    Our domestic helper is suffering in silence too. He shouts at her all the time. Even it’s just asking for water! Today he threatens to slap her. And told her that he will teach ‘memorable’ experience. I don’t how to protect my helper as I am afraid I might trigger off his full range of ammunition. All I do is to say sorry to her in the night when he is asleep.

    We hv triplets, almost 2 yo. I don’t want the kids to grow up in such environment.

    Can I file for divorce?