Avoid Fare Evasion Karma in Melbourne

Melbourne public transport company, Metlink, is calling for an end to fare evasion in a campaign known as Fare Evasion Karma. Bad karma will catch up with fare evaders eventually, perhaps in the form of sitting on wet paint, being struck by lightning, walking in public with your skirt caught in your knickers, or being drenched by a passing car. The website, karmacentral.com.au, explores both good and bad karma. The message? Buy a ticket!

Bad karma in form of wet paint

Bad karma in form of lightning strike

Bad karma in form of a caught skirt

Bad karma in form of drenching


The Evasion Karma campaign was developed at Marmalade, Melbourne, by creative director Neil Mallet, art director Tim Forte, copywriter Dan Forrestal, photographer Chris Von Menge and illustrator Eddie Chau.

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