Austrian Airlines Symphony

Austrian Airlines maximised the connection between the Vienna waltz and their nationality with Austrian Symphony, a television commercial adapting the sounds of Johann Strauss Blue Danube Waltz.

Red legs in Austrian Airlines Symphony commercial

The movement starts in the hangar, on the baggage carousel, on the runway. Staff, machinery and the planes themselves, are seen to move with grace and elegance.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Austrian Symphony was developed at Jung von Matt AG by creative directors Andreas Putz and Gerd Schulte Doeinghaus, art directors Eva Ornter and Christian Hummer-Koppendorfer, copywriters Helena Giokas and Henning Müller-Dannhausen.

Filming was shot by director David Hartley via Film Deluxe, Berlin, with director of photography Theo Garland.

Sound was designed by Joe Mount at Wave Studios, London.

Music is An der schönen blauen Donau op. 314 (At the Beautiful Blue Danube), a waltz by Johann Strauss II, composed in 1867.