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Julian Cole at Adspace Pioneers has published his second version of the Top 50 Marketing Blogs, this time in the redesigned BandT Magazine, pages 35-38. See our post on the first Top 50 list published in Marketing Magazine in August.

Welcome to the Australia Marketing Blogosphere

The methodology for the Top 50 Marketing Blogs is rated in terms of how many people read the blog (Alexa Ranking 20%), how well it rates on Google (Google Page Rank 20%), how many people are linking to their content (Technorati 40%), and a subjective score of how relevant the content is to Australian marketing, which is rated by Julian Cole (Pioneer Rating 20%). Julian has removed the RSS count used by Ad Age, as it is difficult to determine the number of subscribers on a consistent basis.

To be eligible

1. The author of the blog must be Australian or living in Australia
2. The main focus of their blog must be on a topic within Marketing (Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Marketing Research, etc.)

There’s some debate about the place of blogs that focus on professional blogging, such as Darren Rowse’s Problogger, the highest Australian blog on the AdAge Power 150 list. Julian kept these off the list as he believed their focus is on blogging in general, although they do touch on online advertising and marketing. Julian has a poll on whether these should be included, closing at 12 noon on Friday October 10.

Interestingly enough, BandT’s blog, ranked at number 41 in the first list is no longer in the top 50.

The Rise of The Inspiration Room Daily

The Inspiration Room Daily appears on today’s list as Number 41, quite a drop from where our earlier version of the site,, was at Number 3. Moving to a new domain has really meant starting again from scratch. However we’re on a roll here.

In seven weeks of operation here we’ve moved from a Google page rank of 0 to 3, moving to regain a rank of 5.

Our Alexa Ranking has gone from being in the top 400,000 in the world to the top 116,000. Not bad considering that the rank is based on a three month average. It won’t be long before we catch up with where we were before in the top 40,000.

Technorati ranking is calculated on a six month average of links from other blogs. With seven weeks of operation we’ve managed to achieve a ranking of 94,968.

Our Pioneer ranking will have changed as The Inspiration Room has taken on a more global focus, and broadened out to focus on creative work including photography, design and music videos.

Top 50 Marketing Blogs in Australia

Once again, thanks to Julian for the hard work and well done to all the bloggers who have been included in the Top 50 Marketing Blogs.

1. Banner Blog (Ashley Ringrose and Ashadi Hopper)
2. Servant of Chaos (Gavin Heaton)
3. Young PR (Paul Young) – one of many blogs hosted at
4. Laurel Papworth
5. Get Shouty (Katie Chatfield)
6. Copywrite (Jonathan Crossfield)
7. Corporate Engagement (Trevor Cook)
8. Better Communication Results (Lee Hopkins)
9. Ettf (Emerging Technologies Task Force)
10. Online Marketing Banter (James Duthie)
11. Brand DNA (Stan Lee)
12. Personalize Media (Gary Hayes)
13. Media Hunter (Craig Wilson)
14. The Marketer (Gordon Whitehead)
15. Marketing Magazine
16. Adspace-Pioneers (Julian Cole)
17. Business of Marketing and Branding (David Koopmans)
18. Australian SEO blog (Steve Arun)
19. Angus Whines
20. PR Disasters (Gerry McCusker)
21. Campaign Brief (Michael Lynch)
22. Preneur Marketing (Pete Wililams)
23. Marketing Easy (Lucio Dias Ribeiro)
24. Three Billion (Paul MacGregor)
25. In My Atmosphere
26. Amnesia Blog
27. Publicis Digital
28. Innovation Feeder (Jen Stumbles)
29. Pigs Don’t Fly (Zac Martin)
30. Eico Lab (Zern Liew)
31. Mark Neely’s Blog
32. Sticky Ads (Craig Wilson & Gordon Whitehead)
33. The Flasher (Naked)
34. The Digestif (Wisey)
35. Tim Longhurst
36. Creative is Not A Department (David Gillespie)
37. Peter Sheahan
38. FRANKthoughts
39. Filter Media (Mark Jones)
40. Josh Anstey
41. The Inspiration Room Daily (Duncan Macleod)
42. Publicity Queen (Sally Romano)
43. Online Marketing Sydney (Fred Schebesta)
44. Lexy Klain
45. Diffusion (Stephen Byrne)
46. Australian Small Business (Greg Chapman)
47. Uneven Distribution (Nic Hodges)
48. Zakazukhazoo (Matt Granfield)
49. A Perspective (Jye Smith)
50. A Blog about Digital Media (Ben Shepherd)

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