Gruen Transfer Australian Invasion of New Zealand

ABC‘s advertising show The Gruen Transfer tonight challenges two advertising agencies to put together a pitch for the campaign that will convince Australia to invade New Zealand.

Invade New Zealand 100 percent ready for the taking

John McKie from 303, Sydney, presents a spoof of the recent 100 % Percent Pure New Zealand tourism series. The spot uses music inspired by two Australian bands, Youth Group and AC DC. The tourism pitch is online at

Creative director Neil Mallet from Marmalade Communications, Melbourne, heads down the line of popular appeal, suggesting the Government find a way to give us a new public holiday in the second half of the year. One more chance for Australians to drink lots of beer!

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

  • That Marmalade ad is gold. They have my full support, I’m just running off to pack my esky now…

  • Nathan

    Bloody hilarious – perhaps you should.
    As it is we are increasing the IQ of both countries at a rate of 800 a week.

    Nath in NZ

  • endangeredkiwi

    sad, but so so true…

  • Margaret, kiwi in aus

    Sorry to burst the bubble however the Kiwi’s have already invaded Australia, we have infilitrated ourselves over the past few years at a dramatic rate and as Nat said incresed the IQ level country.

  • somayeh


  • Some Chode

    Hahaha New Zealands Military aye ? Maybe they could occupy Central Station at Sydney to make themselves feel better

  • Zutty

    im keen for that holiday…. NewZeland Watch out. what a mad ad