Australia Day Patriotic Visitor

The National Australia Day Council, is urging people to start planning for Australia Day in a TV ad featuring a couch potato and a patriotic government employee. Mr Smither sits on the couch, half asleep, trying to keep an eye on the diving on television. As the scores for technical ability are read out, the doorbell rings. The guy at the door says, “Our records indicate that last Australia Day you spent the day on the couch”. Smither’s love for barbecue meals is revealed to have slipped, judging by the state of his gas barbecue. Revealing a Whispering Jack tattoo, the visitor asks, “Do you think Farnsy (John Farnham) would neglect his barbie?”

Scene from Australia Day TV ad

“Australia Day’s your chance to say thanks! For beaches, lamington drives, Kylie and a democratic right to give dead arms! See you at the fireworks then!”

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This year’s Australia Day campaign was developed at George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne by executive creative director Paul Catmur, creative director Ben Coulson, art director Chris Northam, copywriter Simon Bagnasco, and agency producer Mandy Celms.

Filming was directed by Nice Trees (Ben Saunders and Germain McMicking), via The Directors Group, Melbourne.

Scene from Australia Day TV ad

  • I am not sure this particular patriotic government employee is convincing enough to get me off the couch, although your post did prompt me to check out the Australia Day Site. My attention was drawn to the ‘The Great Australia Day Duck Race’ on the Yarra. I don’t want to battle the crowds in the city though and will probably miss this pleasure go to something more local.

  • Hilarious – I am inspired !

  • Megan over at Imaginif

    When my big kids were little we used to wear green and gold and have a special Australia Day outing. I need no excuse to eat Pavlova but we always had it on Australia day anyway….along with meat pies (ewwk!)

    Nowadays that I am much less inclined to do anything that involves cooking (and I NEVER eat meat pies), shopping for clothes of any colour or excursions to places that tourists hang out, I welcome Australia Day as a public holiday and a day where the phone doesn’t ring non stop.

    I guess I’m the worn out mother variety of Mr Smither.

    Thanks Duncan. I haven’t seen the commercial but I’m not a big TV watcher anyway.

  • Andrew

    This is the most racist disgusting australia commercial i’ve ever seen. I’m ashamed to be australian when i see things like this.

    Our country is not just made up of white couch potatoes. Democratic right to give your mate a dead arm? Does anyone actually care that our country is made up of people from other cultures?