Aussies Go Green Ireland

Tourism Ireland has included Australia in a worldwide campaign promoting the Emerald Isle, using in this case the classic Australian pie as an entry point. Three traditional Aussie meat pies are arranged in the shape of a shamrock, two covered with tomato sauce, the third topped with mushy peas. The tagline: “1 in 3 Aussies have an Irish Connection. Discover your Irish side.”

Three pies in Aussie Irish connection print ad


Tourism Ireland worked with JWT Sydney and RMG Connect. JWT staff include CEO Noel Magnus group account director/producer Graeme Devallance, account manager JWT John Kimand, creatives Chris Moreira and Mark Scholler. RMG’s team included CEO Liz Smith, account directors Jody Houston and Maria Scott, producer Daniel Swanton, creative team and creatives Karen Ferry and Xiaohan Shen.

Caroline Brunel, Tourism Ireland marketing manager said: “Genealogy sites are the third most searched category on the internet. So linking genealogy to tourism in Ireland and creating a genealogy/tourism site is really providing Australians with an interesting way of discovering what’s going to appeal to them in Ireland.“We know people love the idea of going to Ireland, and this JWT/RMG campaign has been created to convert this interest into active holiday planning. Finding out where you come from, or the ‘heritage hook’, aims to do this,” Brunel said.

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