Auchan Scoop – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Auchan, a hypermarket in France, has commissioned an advertising campaign, Auchan Scoop, that places the brand in the field of imagination. The supermarket’s deals are suggested to be so amazing that they’ll stop you in your tracks. “Des prix comme ça, ça surprend”. (With prices like these, you’ll be stunned). In Braqueur a bank robber with a stocking mask flees his pursuers, unstoppable it seems. In “Rockstar” a rockstar makes his escape from the Mod Club, only to be chased by fans through the streets and kitchens of Paris. Suddenly he and his fans are stopped in their tracks. In “Zombie”, in what could be a scene from George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, a woman runs with desperation around a public carpark until she and her pursuer are stopped dead in their tracks.

Auchan Scoop - Robber and cops stand stunned


The Auchan Scoop campaign was developed at CLM BBDO, Paris, by executive creative directors Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco, art director Fabien Moriera d’Almedia, copywriter Paola Nauges, and agency producer Guillaume Delmas.

Filming was shot by director Reynald Gresset via Quad Productions, with director of photography Arnaud Potier. Post production was done at WIZZ, Paris.