AT&T and Napster Bring Band Posters To Life

AT&T and Napster launched their unlimited music download deal with Band Posters, a television commercial in which street posters come to life in animation. Customers who agree to a two-year wireless agreement with AT&T with purchase of the Samsung SYNC or BlackJack phone, receive a year of unlimited access to Napster.

Peter Bjorn and John posters come to life in AT&T TV ad

A young woman disconnects her cell phone from her laptop before leaving her house wearing headphones. A wall of posters for Peter Bjorn and John comes to life to the sounds of their song, “Young Folks”. Ribbon-carrying white birds from the posters fly past the girl, giving her animated wings. More band posters come alive as above her head a pink octopus swivels around in a grand piano. Musical instruments and speakers line the footpaths.

Click on the image below to play the video.

GSD&M, Austin, Texas, created the AT&T Posters campaign and handled the media buying.

Filming was shot on location in Los Angeles by directors Jonathan Notaro & Jens Gehlhaar via Brand New School with director of photography Andrew Rowlands, VFX supervisor Ji Yoon, producer David Wolfson, 1st assistant director Patrick Finnegan and production designer Alex Fisch.

Peter Bjorn and John posters come to life in AT&T TV ad

Post production was done by editor/designer Jonathan Notaro, Flame artist Blake Huber, lead compositor Mario Stipinovich, flame artist Tony Morrison, compositors James Webber, Tonya Smay, Yasmin Mistry, designers Mario Stipinovich, Mitch Paone, Eli Carrico, Chris Murray, contributing designers Victor Lau, Chace Hartman, storyboard and concept artists Brian Wilcox, Chris Stiles, 3D modelers Paul Liau, Joon Lee, Matt Connolly, Adam Rosenzweig, 3D Animators Han Ho, Jordan Blit, Carmine Laietta, Camila Benitez, Ric Giantisco, 3D Lighting & Texturing artists Chris Moore, Anton Tokar, Yuliya Parshina, Stacie Plassche, tracking John Kalaigian, Joey Park, Danny Zobrist, rotoscopers Carlos Rosario, Tonya Smay, Ella Boliver, Kirsten Hall, Shana Silberberg, Sergei Martirosov, J. Bush, executive Producer Danny Rosenbloom, producer Beth Vogt, assistant producer Kevin Hanny.

Colorist was Rob Sciarratta at Company 3, Los Angeles.