AT&T Alter Ego Snowmen

AT&T is leveraging the winter holiday season with a television commercial featuring a melting snowman and his talkative alter ego. For Snowball, life without AT&T means missing that important phone call about the heatwave coming to the winter cottage.

AT&T Snowman and Alter Ego

A snowman provides the message for Snowball’s phone, talking into the camera about having no access to calls at the winter cottage. With no bars he didn’t get the crucial call about the heatwave. He’s doomed to being reduced to a puddle of buttons and carrot sticks- as we see graphically portrayed behind him. What the snowman doesn’t say is what he would have done with the warning – spent the day in the freezer perhaps? The voice over, with “Jingle Bells” playing in the background, encourages viewers to switch to AT&T for better coverage. The 30 second version has a quick push for new quick messaging devices such as the Samsung Propel and Pantech Matrix, and an invitation to visit

Click on the image below to play the video.


The AT&T Snowmen ad was developed at BBDO New York by executive creative director Susan Credle, creative director/writer Darren Wright and creative director/art director David Skinner.

Filming was shot by Baker Smith via Harvest, with producer Sarah Ryan and editor Jim Ulbrich at Beast Edit.

Visual effects were developed at Spontaneous.

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