ASH Twin Towers Smoking

ASH (Action on Smoking and Health) in New Zealand contrasted the impact of the September 11, 2001 attack on the Twin Towers with the impact of smoking on human lives. Terrorism related deaths since 2001: 11,337. Tobacco related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000. For help call 0800 ASH INFO

ASH Twin Towers print advertisement


The ASH Towers poster was developed at DDB New Zealand by executive creative director Toby Talbot, copywriter Paul Hankinson, art director Mike Davison, advertising executives Jenny Travers and Paul Wilson, photographer Rory Carter (Reload) and retoucher Grant Allen at Slice Image Makers.

See also the Khaleej Times print advertisement from 2007, developed by Percept Gulf Dubai.

Khaleej Times Cigarettes WTV print ad

  • Yumine Riakayaa

    This picture is sickening. Remove it.

  • Lucas

    i agree with yumine this picture is sickening and TOTALLY disrespectful take this down at once.

  • Nobody

    I think you’re both idiots. They aren’t disrespecting those who died. They are pointing a using 9/11 as an allegory for the deaths caused by cigarettes.

  • Ben

    How is this picture sickening? it clearly shows how many people die from smoking related incidents compared to 9/11.. surely that information alone would encourage a few to pack in smoking and ruining the lives of other innocent passive smokers.
    i see nothing in this poster disrespecting or making fun of the 9/11 incidents.

  • Marcus

    Smart. Very smart.

    Lucas and Yumine are obviously idiots. They probably smoke and don’t like to be reminded on the true fact that their government rules through the power of fear (smoking is more dangerous than terrorism, wake up!).

  • Aly

    This is tasteless. Smoking is a choice people make. NO ONE who died September 11, 2001 (or after from the effects) had a choice. I understand the idea behind it, but the add is inappropriate.

    BTW-for those who are looking to comment…I do not smoke, but I do have friends & relatives who have died from complications of smoking, including lung cancer.

  • E

    Very smart idea. I dont think this picture is disrespectfull at all, it just shows some fakts.

    • Scott Owen Johnson

      Correlating cigarettes with 9/11? RUDE, CRUDE, and DISGUSTING. How Many Of Those that Died On 9/11/2001 Were Non-Smokers? Give us THOSE statistics if you can.

  • claribel

    i think you guys are really desrispectful about what happend

  • Ian

    Those who died at 9/11 could have moved to Canada the day before. Living in USA is a choice. Smoking is not a choice once you become addicted to nicotine. Smokers don’t deserve to die.

  • Lily

    Ian, how DARE you say it was a choice? Do you honestly think the victims knew they were going to die on that day too soon after? Smokers at least know what they are getting themselves into. I’m not saying they deserve to die. Addiction is a disease, not a choice. The people that died that day had just as much of a right to live as you. Everyone deserves to live without fear, so shame on you for suggesting that the nearly 3,000 victims of the attacks CHOSE to die, when they clearly planned on living like it was a regular day.

    • Lily

      I apologize for the horrendous grammar. Touchscreens aren’t the best for typing on.