Aquafresh Flex Provides No Escape

GlaxoSmithKline Ltd in Hong Kong has commissioned a set of print advertisements promoting the Aquafresh Flex Direct toothbrush. Three photographs show a biscuit, sweetcorn and a lollipop encased in a toothbrush in the shape of a snake. “There’s no escape for trapped food.”

Aquafresh Trapped Sweetcorn in Toothbrush print advertisement

Aquafresh Trapped Biscuit in Toothbrush print advertisement

Aquafresh Trapped Lollipop in Toothbrush print advertisement


The Aquafresh campaign was developed at Grey Hong Kong by executive creative director Keith Ho, creative director/art director Brian Ma, creative director/copywriter Alfred Wong, art director Leo Yeung, copywriter Tony Chan, with photography and retouching by Anton Digital Art Ltd.