ANZ Mortgage Spelling Bee

ANZ is promoting its mortgage rates with a humorous television commercial, playing on the tricky spelling of the word “mortgage”.

ANZ Mortgage Spelling Bee

A woman sees a press advertisement for ANZ being the 10-time Home Lender of the Year. Her husband hears the word mortgage with a sense of anxiety. We enter his flash back to his appearance in a spelling bee championship, with television cameras, judges and members of audience. When asked to spell mortgage, things don’t go according to plan, with the boy missing out the silent T. Oh the shame! “A mortgage isn’t something you want to get wrong”.

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The Spelling Bee ad was developed at M&C Saatchi Melbourne by creative director Steve Crawford, creatives Sandra Galiazzo, Doogie Chapman, Murray Bransgrove and agency producer Karen Muxworthy.

Filming was shot by director Christopher Riggert via Radical Media with producer Sam Mead.

  • Natasha

    I’m having a debate with my parents about this ad. They say the little guy spells mortgage as mortage and I think he says morgage. I know it kinda sounds like a T but I’m a very good listener and I hear how he says the second G exactly the same as the first. Help!

  • mark


  • happy :]

    i hear it as “mortage” too! I SWEAR IT IS!!!!

  • Steve the victor

    The kid does spell it “morgage” not “mortage”.

  • Helen Preisten

    Apparently this is your son well did you kidnap him from me. because it is my son and he is scripted to say M>O>R>T>A>G>E.

    Your assumtion is incorrect he might need to learn to spell but you should learn to listen.

  • Pablo

    Looks like we need to call the judges back.


    Who is the question master

  • Melanie and Dad

    We have the same issue here – I say the boy spells m-o-r-t-a-g-e whilst my Dad says he spells m-o-r-g-a-g-e.

    The latter makes more sense because that’s how you pronounce the word.

  • atccons

    Can someone please settle an argument regarding the ANZ mortgage ad.
    Could you please let me know whether the boy is spelling the word as “MORTAGE” or “MORGAGE”

  • g_or_t

    I came on here hoping myself to find out.

  • Francesco_P

    My family wants to now if the word mortgage is spelt like morgage or mortage.

  • Real Estate Internet Marketing

    Nice Video..Its really fun but how it spell “MORTAGE or “MORGAGE I guess It is MOTRAGE..

  • sunnyem

    My husband and I are having the same argument. I think he spells morgage because kids spell as the word sounds and the g's he says are exactly the same. He wouldn't have said the t because it is silent. I am a student teacher and have studied the spelling mistakes of some kids and it's what they do.

  • know it all

    it is m-o-r-g-a-g-e the kid had a cold on the day of filming, making the g sound t ish… give the poor kid a break.

  • daniel

    does it really matter… get a life ppl

  • joan

    i was at the a n z bank on thurs and asked could they tell me how there word was spelled in there add i was told the boy spelt IT as MORTAGE

  • Know It All, above, works at Radical Media, and was involved in the filming of the advertisement. Pay attention to what he says. It is MORGAGE, with a slight T sound because he had a cold on the day.

  • Alice Huntly

    I want to know who the actor is that plays the judge asking the kid to spell it. I think he looks like John Howard from All Saints but my husband disagrees.

  • Clint Frater

    I am sure he says mortage. My wife disagrees and says mortage. it is wrong any which way. The judge should have told the young chap how to spell it. perhaps he did not know either???

  • Embroidery Allsorts

    I am also curious about the actor who asked the question. is it John Howard?