Anti Aging Laundry System in 3 Steps

Colgate Palmolive in Australia has a tongue-in-cheek print advertising campaign presenting laundry products, Sard, Cold Power, Dynamo and Cuddly, in the same genre as anti aging products. Using these products is simple. “All you have to do is follow these three simple steps. 1 Treat, 2 Wash, 3 Condition.” The campaign is online at

Eliminate premature wrinkles

Eliminate premature wrinkles. It’s never been easier to make unsightly wrinkles a thing of the past.

Reduce the visible signs of aging

Reduce the visible signs of aging. Humanity’s endless quest for the secret of prolonging youth is now over.

Stop your bottom sagging

Stop your bottom sagging. Since the dawn of time people have searched for ways to stop their bottoms from sagging.

Remove unsightly blemishes

Remove unsightly blemishes. Whether you want to remove unsightly blemishes, or stop your bottom sagging you can reduce the visible signs of aging in three easy steps. 1 Treat, 2 Wash, 3 Condition.


The Anti Aging Laundry campaign was developed at IdeaWorks, Sydney, Australia, by creative director Jono McCauley, art director James Gali Barrow, copywriter Stuart Vidler, and photographer Neil Bailey (represented in Australia by LOOK).