Animal Planet Anthem

Animal Planet, the Discovery television channel, celebrates the world an animals in Anthem. We’re introduced to a series of portraits for the Loner Meerkat, the Comic Chimpanzee, the Drifter Dog, the Human Prey (a man scarred from an encounter with a wild bear), and the Brat Lemur. Entertainment has a new face. Animal Planet. Same Planet. Different World.

The Brat


The Animal Planet rebranding was developed at Mono, Minneapolis, with production done at EyeballNYC, New York. Staff included creative director Limore Shur, head of production Mike Sullo, editor Thomas Downs, lead designer/animator David Pocull, designers/animators Ayato Fujii, Neil Stuber, Ghazia Jalal, animator Johan Wiberg, producers Erica Hirshfeld and Judith Gatesman, with photographer Jill Greenberg.

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