Animal Liberation Cosmetics

Animal Liberation in Australia recently used images relating to cosmetics in a campaign protesting the use of animals in testing. “Every year 6 million animals are killed from cosmetic testing. Please boycott animal-tested products.” A mascara brush becomes a hypodermic needle. Lipstick is placed inside a bullet case. A make up compact becomes a lethal trap.

Mascara and hypodermic needle in Animal Liberation print ad

Lipstick in bullet case in Animal Liberation print ad

Compact and chain in Animal Liberation print ad


The Animal Liberation cosmetics campaign was developed at Ideaworks, Australia, by art director / copywriter Kevin Bathman with photographer Cris Cordeiro and retoucher Andre Matkovic.

  • Savannah B.

    I would like to boycott the testing of those prouducts on animals too. I’m an animal lover and I think that what they are doing with these cosmetic proudcts is stupid, retarded, selfish, cruel, and totally unnessary. If there is anything I can do to help stop this, please let me know.
    Animal lover,