AIDS Will from Portugal

Liga Portuguesa Contra a Sida (Portuguese League Against Aids) presents “Testamento”, a heart rending appeal to young men on the subject of AIDS prevention. A young man reads out his will in terms of all the relational connections with family and friends, with memories taken from throughout his life through to his 26th birthday party.

AIDS victim at his 26th birthday party

The campaign marks the 18th anniversary of Liga Portuguesa Contra a Sida. The video here, is the English version. See the Portuguese version.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Will was developed at McCann Lisbon by creative directors Diogo Anahory and José Carlos Bomtempo, copywriter Emerson Braga and art director André Lopes.

Filming was shot by director Enrique Escamilla via Garage Films, Lisbon. Post production was done at Íngreme, Lisbon. Audio post production was done at Índigo. Music is by SleepingDog.