Aha Take On Me Literally

Dustin McLean, UK animated film maker and musician, has released a remake of the 1980s hit music video, Take On Me by Norwegian band a-ha. Ever wish the lyrics would link up with what’s happening in the music video? Dustin’s provided a new soundtrack for the award-winning video, released on YouTube on October 3, with subtitles for the hard of hearing…

Take on Me Music Video literal interpretation

Everything’s drawn and Super 80s. Lots of squiggly lines. When I stand here it makes me human. I’m handsome either way…


The 1985 music video for the song was directed by Steve Barron via Limelight Productions, with producer Simon Fields, director of photography Oliver Stapleton, Rushes editor Richard Sampson, animators Michael Patterson and Candace Reckinger. The video was inspired by Michael Patterson’s animated film Commuter and the movie Altered States. Actors are AHa lead singer Morten Harket and Bunty Bailey. Voices in the literal version are Jason Nash, Josh Faure-Brac, Priscilla McLean.


Both literal and original music videos were removed from Youtube due to the site’s dispute with Warner Music, but have now been reinstated.