Advertising Sites and Blogs Update

Here’s some link love for advertising sites and blogs from around the world. I’ve included where possible the names of the people behind the sites, the country, and the Alexa ranking. Alexa ranking measures popularity based on the number of people with an Alexa toolbar (usually techies) who visit each site, the smaller the number the more popular the site. Those with and addresses only recently have been able to start measuring Alexa ranking as Google and WordPress are regarded as the owners of those domains – and so their rankings are not too accurate at this point. To add your site or amend details here, leave your name and site address in the comments below.

Advertising Sites of the World

10 Advertising
Lemurc (Romania) Alexa 111,637
Advertising Age, a definitive general collection of news and analysis regarding goings-on in the world of advertising. (USA) Alexa 10,542
Michael Pastier, Radovan Grezo and team blog with byline Sex Sells. (Slovakia) Alexa 982,581
AdBlog Arabia
Zeid Nasser blog (Jordan) Alexa 203,695
Creativity Online
Creativity Online – subscription based online magazine (USA) Alexa 64,325
Advertising library – different levels of subscription (USA, France) Alexa 103,675
Group blog associated with Nielsen Media’s Adweek (USA) Alexa 76,928
Frederik Samuel (Canada) Alexa 53,265
Tom Cole Art Director at VVL/BBDO (Belgium) Alexa 959,438
Gabriel Jacob & Marcel Maineri (Brazil) Alexa 1,419,463
George Parker (USA) Alexa 1,034,408
Commercial Archive of Dabitch, Claymore, Caffeine Goddess, Robblink, Cip (Denmark) Alexa 98,175
Ad Mashup
Advertisements tweaked for fun
Marat Mukhametov archives (Russia) Alexa 26,546
Ad Minister – Yoichi Kinoshita (Japan) Alexa 1,993,931
Team at Instablogs (India) Alexa 273,647
Steve Hall (USA) Alexa 35,755
Ads of the World
Archive, blog and forums by Ivan Raszl (Bahrain) Alexa 8,039
Ad of Da Month
Monthly awards, blog and forum hosted by Dalbir Singh (Budapest) Alexa 590,142
David Burn & team (USA) Alexa 185,984
Martina Zavagno blog on interactive advertising (Italy) Alexa 73,031
Giuseppe Contaldo/Neuville blog (Italy) Alexa 88,474
Ilya Vedrashko in Boston follows advertising trends and technologies (USA) Alexa 156,604
Gabriel Jacob & Marcel Maineri (Brazil) Alexa 1,419,463
Advertising for Peanuts
David Littlejohn and team (USA) Alexa 981090
Advertising Pawn
Jérôme Sudan (UK) Alexa 1,755,158
Marat Mukhametov archives with levels of subscription linked to (Russia) Alexa 025,794
Arab Ad Zone
Brand Addicts (Lebanon)
Banner Blog
Ashley Ringrose at Soap Creative on Web banners (Australia) Alexa 77,660
Best Ads on TV
TV, print & interactive archive managed by Michael Lynch (Australia) Alexa 159,584
Boards Mag (Closed) Magazine and Screening Room by Brunico Communications (USA) Alexa 140,548
Robert & Horst Agency (Germany) Alexa 235,019
Carlos Merigo (Brazil) Alexa 88,635
Brand Republic
Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR (UK) Alexa 27,322
Brent Terrazas (USA) Alexa 1,405,664
Alvara Romero (Mexico) Alexa 71,729
Campaign Brief
Michael Lynch (Australia) Alexa 2,923,172
Chimp Media Monitoring
Alexa 1,028,165
Marat Mukhametov (Russia) Alexa 131,286
Cool Hunter
Bill Tikos Culture Blog (Australia) Alexa 345,767
Miel Van Opstal (Belgium) Alexa 82,569
Brian Clark on copywriting (USA) Alexa 9,586
Sergey (Ukraine) Alexa 1,965,901
Creative Section
Creative archive (Sweden) Alexa 3,484,324
Bartosz Kulesza (Poland) 3,709,837
Duncan’s TV Ad Land
Duncan Macleod TV, print, interactive, politics, music videos (Australia) Alexa 60,319
Firat Yildiz (Turkey) Alexa 416,219
Shannon Stephaniuk (Canada) Alexa 767,867
Graphik Addict
Aurélien Chevalier (France) 4,348,977
Hawthorne Videoactive Report
Scott Wilcox (USA) Alexa 1,307,246
How Advertising Spoiled Me
Arvind (India) Alexa 477,567
Filippo Solimena (Italy) Alexa 34,927
I Have An Idea
Ignacio Oreamuno & team (USA) Alexa 273,161
Jaffe Juice
Joseph Jaffe (USA) Alexa 258,928
Joe La Pompe
Joe La Pompe on coincidences in advertising (France) Alexa 584,440
Joey Tomatoes
Joseph Petrella (USA) Alexa 2,639,247
Logic + Emotion
David Armano (USA) Alexa 130,828
Luerzers Archive
LAOS Archive of advertising graphic design (Germany) Alexa 313,254
Make The Logo Bigger
Bill Green, art director (USA) Alexa 567,218
Adrien De Malherbe (France)
My Predictions
Frederico Russo (Italy) Alexa 2,381,231
No Fat Clips
Delirium e Kaos (Italy) Alexa 303,017
Marc van Gurp and team on social advertising (Netherlands) 170,148
Michael van Os (Netherlands)
Niclas Strandh (Sweden) Alexa 699,895
Simon Veksner (UK) Alexa 490,591
Shake Well Before Use
Ariel Waldman (USA) Alexa 338,907
Magazine and DVD (UK) Alexa 547,779
The Consumerist
Edited by Ben Popken (USA) Alexa 5551
Animation, VFX magazine (USA) 232,700
Toma e Embrulha
Bruno Matoso Luís (Portugal) Alexa 3,656,839
Brandon Barr (USA) Alexa 11,156,147
TV Commercial Blog
Tim Yang (Malaysia) Alexa 1,168,151
The Hidden Persuader
Igor Beuker, Paul van Veenendaal, Daan Jansonius & Paul Beelen (Netherlands, Chile) Alexa 189,993
Andrej Horvat (Hungary) Alexa 46,175
Patrick Breitenbach, Lene Steinmann & team (Germany) Alexa 42,996

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  • Thanks for adding me in your list !

  • Wow Duncan, great list! Here’s the info for ViralBlog (

    Short description: Stay on top of the latest viral marketing trends with ViralBlog on viral videos, games, advertising, research and social media.

    Bloggers: Igor Beuker, Paul van Veenendaal, Daan Jansonius & Paul Beelen* (The Netherlands & Chili*)

    Alexa rank: 189,993

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  • Underwater Thrills: Swimming With Sharks

    A blog about Sharks, shark diving, the ocean..and maybe some naked women.

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  • Nice list — and we’d like to be on it as well! We still have modest traffic, but are preparing to put on a bit of a push. The Hawthorne Videoactive Report is a 2-3 minute trends and analysis show that we put out pretty much daily. Our focus is new media video advertising, and we’ve been publishing regularly since last January. Check us out at

  • Yoichi

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    I’ve been a fan of this blog for quite sometime now.
    And here’s my blog from Tokyo, Japan.
    It’s a blog introducing recent fun and interesting ads and communication trends from around the world for the Japanese marketers or ad lovers.


  • Excellent list. Thanks for taking the time to list all the sites.

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