Advance Australia Dare Posters

The Australia Day Council of NSW (ADCNSW) is running Advance Australia Dare, an online ‘dare’ campaign encouraging Australians to submit a video of themselves singing the national anthem in a musical tone that is meaningful to them. The campaign has been created to celebrate Australia’s national anthem and encourage people to participate in a fun, educational and engaging way. is a platform to showcase a unique Australian way of celebrating our national anthem through music. The most favoured and viewed entries will be played on Australia Day (January 26) in Hyde Park and in Darling Harbour on digital screens in front of thousands of people. Many of the submissions are available to view online at the Advance Aussie YouTube channel.

Four posters, Surfer, Bongos, Metal and Disco, feature the Advance Australia Dare tag line, “Give the Anthem a Fair Go”, and the logo, a microphone stand doubling as flagpole.

Advance Australia Dare Surfer

Advance Australia Dare Bongos

Advance Australia Dare Metal

Advance Australia Dare Disco Dancer in Speedos

Advance Australia Dare Logo


The Advance Australia Dare print campaign was developed at Loud Sydney, by creative director/copywriter Joe Van Trump, art director Darren Seddon, creatives David Halter and Ryan Lonsdale, and illustrator Stuart McLachlan (Surfer, Bongos and Metal). When asked to portray a surfer with a wave on his head, McLachlan opted to incorporate a well known work of art, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Japanese artist Hokusai (c 1831).