Adidas Made for Your Motion

The Adidas Fall/Winter 2008 campaign, Made For Your Motion, presents the running shoes that are designed not to be noticed.

“When your running shoes feel good, rather than notice them, you notice other things. You notice your surrounds, but you also notice you. You notice your breathing, your hard-working muscles, your mind that’s been allowed to wander. You notice you’re running further. You notice you’re actually enjoying running! You notice that all of a sudden achieving your impossible is in fact, anything but.”

Adidas Fast Feels Good

Adidas Muscles

Adidas Things You'll Notice

Adidas Trails Toes

Adidas Trails

Adidas Four Legs

Adidas Lost


The concept was developed at 180 Amsterdam (180\TBWA) by creative directors James Sadler, Paulo Martins, Richard Bullock, art director Kristina Florén, copywriter Carlos Furnari, photographer Gus Powell, graphic designer Emile Wilmar, producers Andrea Hetherington, David Corfield, Marlon Lee, Shauna Simmons, production manager Piers Bebbington.

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