Adidas Countdown for Olympics

Adidas demonstrate the power of the people behind the Olympics in this spot, Countdown. While a Chinese athlete puts on his uniform in the dressing rooms, members of the public put on their shirts out on their apartment balconies. A bouncing boy mirrors the actions of the ball bounced by a Chinese basketballer. An athlete resolutely walks down a corridor, while out on the streets drivers get out of their cars and walk. A crouching and jumping diver inspires action in the supermarket…

Adidas Game Time video

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Countdown ad was developed at TBWA Shangai by executive creative director Yang Yeo and John Merrifield, creative director Elvis Chau, agency producer Diana Chew.

Filming was shot by Ne-o (Jake Knight and Ryoko Tanaka) via Stink, with director of photography Mattias Montero, executive producer Daniel Bergmann and producer Juliet Naylor.

The director’s version of the clip, available to view at Stink, have an alternative music track, O Superman, the 1981 track by experimental performance artist and musician Laurie Anderson. Lyrics are “O Superman. O Judge. O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.”

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