Add Cream in Montreal

La Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec is busy promoting the culinary web site, Using the “Add Cream” theme developed by the BBDO Montreal, the site offers a variety of dishes incorporating cream. The recipes are created through a process called molecular cuisine, which is to dissect the properties of a food for a list of aromatic molecules. The ingredient is then combined with other foods containing some of these molecules.

Ship's captain says Add Cream

A partnership with site, which includes a section on cream, is helping to spread the invitation. A series of wacky television commercials shows a range of French-speaking Canadians phoning for advice on their recipes. Time after time the straight advice is “Mets de la creme”, or “Add cream”.


Two women discuss men and cooking, calling on a ship’s captain for instant advice: “Mets de la creme.” Be aware that the website referred to in the commercial here, is an English translation of was apparently not available to the marketing team.


The Mets de la Creme campaign was developed at BBDO Montréal, Canada, by creative director Daniel Andréani, art director Jean-Simon Charland, copywriter Sylvain Dufresne, project director Lyne Clermont, account executive Mélie-Jade Dagenais, electronic producer Geneviève Clément, print producer Michèle Blanchette, graphic designers Marc Denault, Nathalie Rousseau, photography by Sylvain Giguère at 2XL, food stylist Johanne Depelteau, illustrator Maurice Gervais.

Media was handled at Touché PHD by Alexandre-Pascal Lamoureux and Charles-Étienne Morier, and at Marketel by Kathleen Gaumont and Michèle Simoneau.

Filming was shot by director Yves-Christian Fournier via Jet Films with producer Michel Boily.

Sound was designed by Andres Norambuena at Boogie Studio.