Acura MDX Bodies in Motion

Honda is promoting the newest safety features of the Acura in “Motion”, a slow motion study of human movement in crashes. Instead of showing us vehicles in collisions, Rubin Postaer and Associates (RPA) commissioned a series of every day scenes in which people flying through the air would be unthinkable.

Acura Motion

“There is no angle on the human body that was designed for a collision. All the more reason there are so many angles on the Acura MDX that are.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Acura Motion spot was developed at RPA by executive VP/chief creative officer David Smith, senior VP/creative director/copywriter John Hage, senior art director Dan Buchmeier, copywriter Sean Smith, agency senior producer Carolyn Casey, agency executive producer Jack Epsteen.

Filming was shot by director Lance Acord via Park Pictures with executive producer Mary Ann Marino and producer Pat Frazier.

Visual effects were developed at A52 by VFX supervisor Patrick Murphy, 2D VFX artists Stephan Gaillot, Billy Higgins, Mike Bliss, George Cuddy and Carlos Morales, VFX executive producer Ron Cosentino and VFX producer Pete King.

Editor was Kirk Baxter at Rock Paper Scissors with assistant editor Ted Hundy, executive producer Carol Lynn Weaver.