A Few Honest Words from Ben Sollee

Ben Sollee collaborated with with DJ 2nd Nature to produce a music video for his song, “A Few Honest Words”. The music video features footage of Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Ben Sollee and Barack Obama in A Few Honest Words

If you’re going to lead my country,
If you’re gonna say it’s free
I’m gonna need a little honesty

Just a few honest words
It shouldn’t be that hard
Just a few honest words
Is all I need

Click on the image below to play the video.


The song was written and performed by SonaBLAST! recording artist Ben Sollee and remixed by DJ 2nd Nature.

“Whatever people’s political orientation may be, this track speaks to the country’s want and desire to hear some honest and clear words from our political candidates in this volatile climate,” says Stray Dog Music‘s Erik Steinert.

Filming was shot by director Ty Risby with director of photography Milton Kam, editor Cristina Cingone at Big Sky, and produced at Sound Lounge by executive producer Michael Lobikis and producer Dana Dubay.