401K Goldfish in Direct Mail

401(k) Squared, a small Colorado company specializing in 401k employment-sponsored retirement plan development, got the attention of local CEOs and CFOs recently by delivering live goldfish in boxes to local companies in the finance industry.

401k Goldfish in box

Denver advertising agency LeeReedy, when asked to develop a direct mail project on a modest budget, came up with the concept, “If someone’s not watching over your 401(k), it won’t thrive either.”

401k Goldfish in box

“Considering our precious, live cargo – and our need to get it in front of the CFO’s, CEO’s and owners of our target companies – all pieces were delivered via courier. Additionally, this allowed us to avoid the gatekeeper who could have reacted in any number of ways. Within weeks, 401(k) Squared had secured a $10M account and was in discussions with a number of large companies to manage their 401(k) accounts, ranging in size from $500k to $20M.”

401k Goldfish in box

401k Goldfish in box


The 401k Goldfish project was developed at LeeReedy, Denver, by creative director/art director Kelly Reedy, art director Jack Schuler and copywriter Jamie Reedy.

via Denver Egotist

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