Zune Eyes directed by Tokyo Plastic

The Zune, Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iPod, is being marketed on television and computer screens with Zune Artist Films, a series of animated art videos around the theme of music, sharing and friendship. One particular video, “Eyes”, has got people talking.

Eyeless creature in Zune Eyes video

A pink phallic-looking creature on legs (what Tokyo Plastic refer to as a ‘fleshy wonder’) wanders around aimlessly, relying on touch on account of having no eyes. It bumps into a much larger creature which turns out to have many eyes. In fact the new creature has the capacity to share it’s eyes and, after a bit of straining, pops one out for the little creature. Click on the image below to play the video in Vimeo (HD)


The Zune Artist Films campaign was developed at 72 Sunny USA by creative directors John Boiler and Glenn Cole, with copywriter Jason Norcross, art director Bryan Rowles, and producer Sam Baerwald.

Creatures with eyes in Zune Eyes video

“Eyes” was directed by Tokyo Plastic, a collective of designers (Sam Lanyon Jones and Andrew Cope) working in abstract graphic art expressed in design, motion and broadcast, with production company Picasso Pictures.

Gotan Project Music

Music for Zune Eyes is “Mi Confesión” from the Gotan Project album, Lunático. Gotan Project is an international trio – Philippe Cohen Solal (France), Eduardo Makaroff (Argentina) and Christoph H Muller (Switzerland) – who specialise in tango music with an electronic twist.

Gotan Project - Lunático - Mi Confesión