You Never Have To Ask For Directions Again

Jeep in Australia is promoting the Grand Cherokee’s free satellite navigation feature with a print advertisement playing on the male fear of asking for directions. The normal fear of appearing to be clueless is compounded by the possibility that the direction-giver may well be deranged and dangerous. Nothing is left to chance. The barefooted hill billy holds a knife and stands on a verandah with a shotgun, chainsaw, dismembered baby dolls, animal traps and carcasses. A banjo rests on a Vacuum Oil Company crate, evoking the feel of the Southern Comfort movie.

Barefoot weirdo in Jeep Grand Cherokee print ad

“With free Sat Nav in every Grand Cherokee, You’ll never have to ask for directions again. Jeep.”


The print advertisement was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia, by art director Gus Johnston, photographer Garry Moore, and producer Andrea Le Suer via Miss Bossy Boots, Melbourne.