Yellow Pages Thai Harder

Sensis kicked off its Yellow™ television campaign in May 2006 with ‘Thai Thai’, a humorous TV ad in which two real Thai restaurant owners engage in a battle to attract customers to their business. The ad begins with the two restaurants competing for business with similar names, Thai Thai, and Thai Thai II. The names change to Thai Phoon and Suit and Thai, Bow Tie and Thai Dye, Thai Riffio and Titanic. The spot ends with the winning restaurant, Thai Harder, being unexpectedly busy with customers queuing for a table and shows the owner proudly displaying her Yellow™ sticker in the window.

Yellow Pages Thai Harder ad

Click on the image below to play the Thai Harder video.


Sensis Yellow Thai Harder was developed at George Patterson Y&R by creative director James McGrath, art director Ben Coulson, copywriter Joshua Stephens and agency producer Pip Heming.

Filming was directed by Paul Middleditch via Plaza Films, with director of photography David Burr.

Post production was done at Winning Post.

Media was handled at Optimedia