Yellow Pages Need A Hand

Sensis is advertising the Yellow™ Directory, known better as the Yellow Pages, with a campaign following tradesmen using the directory to deal with a series of misfortunes. A painter prepares to put the finishing touches to a client’s house as she leaves for work. Bonnie, her dog, is left in the care of the tradesman. As the painter steps down from the ladder, the dog rushes past, leading to the ladder falling and breaking outside speakers off the wall. He looks up electricians in the Yellow Pages. The electrician comes round, says the whole thing will have to be replaced, and pulls on a wire, only to dislodge a nest of wasps. Once again, the Yellow Pages are used to call in the expert, this time a pest specialist. Only problem is the dog is attacked by the rattled wasps. The three tradies find Robbins Veterinary Clinic in the Yellow Directory…

Yellow Pages Need a Hand

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The ‘Need a Hand’ TV ad, launched in late April 2007, is being followed up with an ongoing campaign based around moment-in-time scenarios in which the Yellow Directory is used by consumers and advertisers to cope with moving house, holding a party, getting married or having a baby. The campaign is building on the sense of humour shown in earlier ads such as ‘Not Happy Jan’, ‘Goggomobil’ and ‘Thai Thai’.

“The integrated campaign is intended to communicate to both consumers and advertisers. For consumers, it is designed to remind people about how useful, easy and helpful Yellow™ is. For advertisers, it demonstrates the value of Yellow™ as an advertising solution and reminds businesses to get their advertisement in before sales close,” said Stephen Harvy, Yellow™ Marketing Manager.


The Yellow Pages ’Need a Hand?’ campaign is being rolled out by George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, whose team included creative director Paul Catmur, art director Josh Robbins, copywriter Peter Hibberd and agency producer Pip Heming.

Filming for ‘Need a Hand’ was directed by Paul Middleditch at Plaza Films, with producer Peter Masterton and director of photography David Burr.

Editor was Peter Whitmore at The Editors.