Yarra Trams in Melbourne

Yarra Trams has launched a campaign to highlight the environmental benefits of tram travel. Using kids and celebrites as spokespeople the message positions Yarra Trams as a solution to traffic congestion and pollution. “Generations” features a talented cast of primary school children who explain to their teacher how they would help Melbourne’s environment, including having a shower with a bucket and sharing a bath with a brother. One little girl, Tegan, impresses the class with her knowledge of the benefits of tram travel. The roads don’t get clogged up. Her dad says everybody wins.

Yarra Trams Schoolgirl

Click on the image below to play the video.

Why Tram? uses a Vox Pops approach to promote the environmental benefits of tram travel. The commercial mixes the travelling public with some popular media and sporting personalities, such as Hamish and Andy, who share their thoughts on why trams are important to them, and to Melbourne.


The Love Yarra Trams campaign was developed at Flash Advertising by creative director John Hillier, copywriter Julian Penwright, art director Simon Castle.

Filming was shot by director Sam Wark with producers Megan Nass and Josh Butt.

The campaign includes TV, radio, press, metrolites and on-board posters. The TV ads are available to download in Windows Media format from the Yarra Tram advertising page.