Yahoo Be A Better Advertising Campaign

Yahoo is encouraging use of its integrated mobile search facilities with an integrated advertising campaign, “Be a Better…” found at the Yahoo portal, The “Be a Better…” campaign builds on Yahoo’s 2006 campaign demonstrating life with and without Yahoo. The large-scale campaign also speaks to the advertising industry directly in ads highlighting Yahoo’s Panama search marketing system and its mobile search marketing platform, oneSearch.

Yahoo Better commercial

Be A Better Handyman

A couple are renovating their living room. What you got there hon? Just a laser level I bought at a surplus store. A blue beam shoots out, bounces around the room and vaporizes the woman. In take two he tells her he learnt about the laser level on Yahoo Answers. This time the beam is red, adjusts all the pictures, misses the wife and fixes the spine of a man we assume to be the father-in-law.

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The same filming was used in synchronized banner and skyscraper ads in which internet users choose their own ending, using “See without Yahoo! Answers” or “See with Yahoo! Answers”.

Be A Better Explorer

Two hikers experience the difference between looking up a flower in a guidebook versus using Yahoo’s mobile oneSearch. With just the book, they discover too late that it’s the Crimson Man Eater, whose leaves are prized as a potent herbal enhancer. In the onlin Users can remix the commercial with alternate beginnings and endings using a “Be a Better Director” tool on the campaign’s microsite at A similar interface will appear on Jumpcut. “On the Jumpcut platform people can edit, mix and mash in unlimited ways,” said Nick Chavez, senior director of brand advertising at Yahoo.

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“From everyday tasks to pie-in-the-sky aspirations, this campaign is really about empowering our customers be to better at whatever is important to them,” said Cammie Dunaway, chief marketing officer at Yahoo! Inc. “It’s not about what Yahoo! does, but what you can do with Yahoo!.”

In addition to placements across Yahoo and on the Yahoo network, media was bought on sites including iFilm, Atom Entertainment, Comedy Central, GameSpot, Scripps Network, CNET and Federated Media. For mobile, Yahoo partnered with Greystripe and Third Screen Media to run both graphical and search ads.

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Starting today, users have the chance to unleash their inner director by remixing the TV spots, choosing their own endings, and sharing their version with friends.

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Yahoo is planning more videos for the campaign, including “Be a Better Fashionista!”, “Be a Better Traveler!”, “Be a Better Shutterbug!”, and “Be a better Moviegoer!”


The Yahoo Be A Better campaign is being developed at Soho Square and OgilvyOne Worldwide by creative director Alan Pafenbach, art directors Josh Rosen, Jerry Hoak, Tyler Warrender and Greg Smith, copywriters Tom Giovagnoli, Mark Svartz, Chiyong Jones, Fred Abercrombie, Nic Tan.

Filming for Handyman and Explorer was directed by Matt Aselton via Epoch Films with executive producers Patti McConnell and Christine Lindemann.

Media is being handled by Mindshare/Neo@Ogilvy/WOW Factory by Sharon Gallacher.