Wonderbra Two Cups Full of Joy

Wonderbra has launched a viral campaign riding on the success of Cadbury’s Gorilla drummer. Jentina Chapman, a 20 year old model and singer signed as ambassador for Wonderbra, sits in for the gorilla, mentally preparing for a rhythmic engagement with Phil Collins’ song, In The Air Tonight.

Jentina drums in Wonderbra viral ad

Chapman’s drumming doesn’t quite match the timing of the gorilla. But what she loses in timing she makes up for in a showcase of the Wonderbra. The final Wonderbra tagline matches Cadbury’s “a glass and a half full productions” with “two cups full of joy”.

The campaign was overseen by marketing director Gordon Lee, who joined Wonderbra from Ann Summers in September.

The Wonderbra spoof was pulled because it breached Phil Collins’ copyright. The ad was removed from YouTube, Dailymotion, AOL Video and other online sites after a third party notification by Phil Collins Limited claimed that the material was infringing its copyright.