With Wealth Anything Is Possible

Sanlam Private Investments in South Africa are running a print advertising campaign reminding potential investors to put money aside for incredible experiences in the future. Three print ads, “How to Visit the Wreck of the Titanic”, “How to See Earth from Space”, and “How to Drive at 407 kmh”, each outline the seven steps that may make an impossible dream possible. “With wealth, anything is possible.”

Sanlam How To Visit The Wreck of the Titanic

1. Contact Deep Ocean Expeditions +64 211 534 797.
2. Book an appointment with Belinda Sawyer.
3. Ensure you have a free 12-day slot in your schedule.
4. Visit your doctor for a complete physical.
5. Contact the Canadian Embassy on 011 442 3130 to secure a visa.
6. Arrange your own travel to St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada.
7. Deal with any claustrophobia issues you may have.

Sanlam How To See Earth from Space

1. Contact Space Adventures on +1 703 524 7172.
2. Speak to Tom Shelley on Extension 333.
3. Ensure that your fitness level is optimum.
4. Plan to spend several months away from home training.
5. Travel to the Yuri Gargarin Training Centre, outside Moscow.
6. Learn to speak Russian.
7. Pack light.

Sanlam How To Drive at 407 kmh

1. Contact Koenigsegg on 0046 431 45 44 60
2. Speak to Andreas Petre.
3. Arrange a test drive of the Koenigsegg CCX.
4. Travel to the Ehra-Lessien High Speed Track in Germany.
5. Familiarise yourself with the 21 km test track.
6. Fasten your seatbelt and start the engine.
7. Press down on the accelerator.


The Anything Is Possible campaign was developed at The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, by executive creative director Ross Chowles, creative director Livio Tronchin, copywriter Jonathan Commerford, art directors Jamie Mietz and Carl Willoughby, account supervisors Simon Bunkell and Jason Yankelowitz, and producer Mandy Hendler.

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