Wilkinson Fight For Kisses

Wilkinson Sword, the UK arm of Schick, has launched a television and online campaign, Fight For Kisses, promoting the Quattro Titanium razors and blades in France. The 2 minute TV ad begins with an ominous shot of a laundry in which a baby in nappies is skipping with his mother’s bra. The story of the Oedipus complex begins. Viewers are invited to discover and download for free the new Wilkinson game “Fight For Kisses”.

Baby, mother and father in Wilkinson Fight For Kisses

There was a time when babies had a great life. The softness of their skin got them all their mom’s attention. Then one day, fathers discovered a special weapon. From now on, fathers and sons can fight on equal terms. Men can now take revenge and win back their wives. To get their moms back, there is no choice but to fight. Fight for Kisses. The spot finishes with an invitation to play the game, Fight For Kisses, online at www.ffk-wilkinson.com .

French Version

Il fut un temps où les bébés menaient une vie de rêve. La douceur de leur peau leur permettait d’accaparer leur mère. Mais un jour, les pères découvrirent une arme spéciale. Désormais, pères et fils peuvent lutter a armes égales. Les hommes peuvent maintenant reconquérir leur femme. Pour récupérer leur mère, il n’y a pas d’autre choix que de se battre.

Wilkinson Fight for Kisses Game
Wilkinson Fight for Kisses Game
Wilkinson Fight for Kisses Game

Wilkinson Fight For Kisses Credits

The Wilkinson Fight For Kisses advertising campaign was developed at JWT Paris and 5ème Gauche, Paris by copywriter Vincent Pedrocchi, art directors Xavier Beauregard and Yann-Gael Cobigo, agency producer Elisabeth Boitte, account supervisor Olivier Sebag, account managers Florent Sallard, Chloé Larmurier and Cyrine Boussena.

Schick Wilkinson Sword advertising staff were Eric Oriot, Catherine Brandenberger and Stéphane Rosen.

Animation was developed by Akama Studio via Wanda Productions, Paris, by a team including art director Alexandre Ada and director of animation Cédric Jeanne (Alex & Cédric). See the Akama Studio MySpace site.

The game was developed at Gimagin.

Music was by Midnight Run and Xavier Berthelot.

Baby and father in Wilkinson Fight For Kisses
Baby lifts trunk in Wilkinson Fight For Kisses
Newspaper shot in Wilkinson Fight For Kisses