Who’s for Cats?

Animal welfare campaigners in Victoria, Australia, are working together to do something about the stray cat population, using an advertising campaign to encourage either responsible ownership or cooperation with local councils to collect strays. The campaign is designed to increase the number of responsibly owned cats in Victoria and decrease the number of cats having to be euthanased in pounds and shelters.

Jill who's for stray cats

Jill stopped, just feeding her stray. Now she has become its owner. Jill’s for cats.

Dave who's for stray cats

Dave just called the council to collect the three strays in his street. Dave’s for cats.

Half a million cats in Victoria keep breeding more and more kittens into a life of disease and neglect. Just feeding them isn’t the answer. If you want to help you must take ownership of a cat or call your local council. Please don’t feed a bigger problem. To find out more visit www.whosforcats.com.au.


The Who’s For Cats campaign was developed at The Surgery, Melbourne, by creative director Vito Tassone, art director Keely Hackett, copywriter Ashley Rosshandler, strategy planners Simon Hakim and Sophie Fredheim, with photographer Hugh Peachey.

The organisations involved in this campaign are the Animal Welfare Science Centre, Australian Veterinary Association, Cat Protection Society, Department of Primary Industries, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, Lost Dogs’ Home, Monash University, Municipal Association of Victoria, RSPCA and Victorian Animal Aid.

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