Whack A Poll in Australia

Fairfax Digital Media is running an online election game, Whack a Poll. John Howard and Kevin Rudd figures pop up, ready to be bopped on the head with a hammer. The site provides access to the Federal Election 2007 portals of the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. “Raise your party’s approval rating by whacking the opposition and win the 2007 federal election.”

Whack a poll entry screen

The game is a two-politician version of the Whack A Poll game run by Lastminute in the UK in 2005. The John Howard and Kevin Rudd characters were designed by John Shakespeare. Animation was designed and produced by Nathanael Scott.

Howard and Rudd in Whack A Poll game

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  1. I’m sorry I missed this during the election. Maybe the Libs could rejig it to fit Nelson and Turnbull?

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