Weird World of Sports

Bill and Ben, the irreverent comedy duo from TV3’s Pulp Sport in New Zealand, have launched Weird World of Sports, a nationwide competition to invent new sports. Central to the campaign is a series of video clips in which misconceived sports go wrong. The campaign was kicked off with a mass game of Waterball at University of Auckland on July 18, combining beach volleyball with water balloons.

Invent a Sport - Crugby

The aim of the exercise is to inspire New Zealanders to invent new sports and promote them with home made videos. To get the ball rolling, Bill and Ben have invented some new sports of their own: Crugby, combining New Zealand’s summer and winter codes, cricket and rugby; Figureboxing, a fusion of figure-skating and boxing; Keyboarding, an extreme water sport for computer nerds, and Weightball, combining paint ball and weight lifting.


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Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Figure Boxing

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“Weird World of Sports is a quest to find some new kiwi talent,” says Jamie Linehan aka Bill. “What better way to kick the rest of the world’s arse at sport than to invent your own? Let’s use our kiwi ingenuity to take the sporting world by storm!”

“Rugby and netball…boring,” says Ben Boyce. “We’re the land of number 8 wire and ugg boots goddamit! We can do better than that.”


The Weird World of Sports campaign is being developed by Y&R New Zealand, by creative director Chrissie Lahood, creatives Marianne Harvey, Anton Hart, Jeremy Southern, Katrina Jarratt, Bridget Bussell, account team Jason Wells, Rachael Schnurbusch, Fran Mill, interactive creative director Maya McNicoll.

Filming was shot by Jamie Linehan and Ben Boyce (Bill and Ben) via Shonky Productions.

See the WWOS print campaign.

  • dylan roberts

    i think hoccer…. which is hokey and soccer together

  • Martial-Arts Fitness

    Sweet great Weight training write up!

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

  • paris

    every one knows this sport in new zealand but havent really looked at it? hard enuf to say! hey yip lets play force back…

    2 teams of 4 , 3 fowards, one back, the main coal of the game is to get the ball down the other end of the feild to (dg) drop goal, over, or between the post. catch the ball on the full take 5 steps foward, the ball goes past the dead line, other team brings it back to the 22 metre line, simple

  • Cheesy Brain Man

    Nice Dreds and think of a sport that would work out for my project 2 days before Monday the 16th of November Pleeease!!!! Hoccer wouldn’t be that bad for an idea.