Weird World of Sports Posters

The Weird World of Sports is a national competition in New Zealand, involving the invention of new sports. Bill and Ben from TV3’s Pulp Sport, appear in TV ads and print advertisements, with combinations of sports that can clearly be beaten by competitors. Here we have posters promoting Pogobox (Pogo sticks and boxing), Joggling (jogging while juggling) and Dragrace (racing in drag costume).

Joggling in Weird World of Sports

Pogoboxing in Weird World of Sports

Dragrace in Weird World of Sports


The Weird World of Sports campaign is being developed by Y&R New Zealand, by creative director Chrissie Lahood, creatives Marianne Harvey, Anton Hart, Jeremy Southern, Katrina Jarratt, Bridget Bussell, account team Jason Wells, Rachael Schnurbusch, Fran Mill, interactive creative director Maya McNicoll. See the WWSP video campaign.